Empower your organization to safeguard clinician access to legacy medical imaging data by strategically managing long term storage of medical image data. Our enterprise data orchestration tools enable your organization to internally and independently manage your archive migration and consolidation efforts, so they can be integrated into your broader enterprise imaging strategy.

We offer your organization the flexibility to implement the migration approach that meets your unique needs:

  • Self-conducted through your internal expertise.
  • Service provider managed through our expertise.

Solution Components

The Exodus Migration and Consolidation Controller can be used alone, or in combination with the following Laurel Bridge software solutions to solve the myriad consolidation needs of any organization:

  • Exodus – Migration & Consolidation Controller
  • Compass – Routing Workflow Manager
  • Navigator – Imaging Retrieval Workflow Manager

Archive and Consolidation workflow diagram

Standardize Study Identification and Distribution

Ensure critical patient information such as patient ID, patient demographics, originating location, exam type, and study description is normalized to enable seamless ingestion and workflow efficiency.

Image Access Across Departments or IT Systems

Enable radiologists to read all studies from any imaging sources, on the PACS they are familiar with, by ensuring current and relevant prior studies are available when needed, regardless of where they reside.

Reliable Delivery of Studies to External Radiologists

Provide timely delivery of new studies and relevant prior exams to the appropriate locations, teleradiologists, or, subspecialty physicians where ever the studies reside. Meet service level agreements regardless of scheduling complexity and clinical reporting needs.

Remote Ingestion and Delivery

Efficiently offload mobile and remote location acquisition devices and ensure secure, reliable delivery of medical images to a VNA, departmental archive or reading workstation.

Modality Sharing Across Multiple Scheduling Entities

Simplify sharing of imaging resources among organizations using different patient scheduling systems and ensure new studies are automatically delivered to the appropriate reading locations.

Archive Migration and Consolidation

Analyze, plan, and migrate medical images to a new archive or VNA.

  • Control migration throughput
  • Prefetch prior exams based upon work schedule
  • Validate
  • Standardize patient demographics
  • Compress
  • Integrate with MPI


What Clients are Saying

"Exodus has allowed us to move millions of studies quickly and efficiently. It scales and load balances across multiple source and destination servers when integrated with Compass, which speeds up the movement of data significantly. Without the Laurel Bridge solution we could not meet customer deadlines."
Jeff ColterImaging Informatics Consultant, Change Healthcare