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#  PowerTools 3.5.0                                  #
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#  Version History                                   #
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Changes in 3.5.0 (2022-11-15):

 - PDU and DIMSE timeouts are now set to the same value as the configurable "Query Timeout" in Query Client.
 - Enhanced support for transfer syntax list selection and support in various apps.
 - Modality Simulator has performance and usability enhancements with more robust command line argument handling.
 - HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver have improved logging of H7 events.
 - HL7 Sender has improved handling of client certificate.
 - TLS support is improved in a number of client and server applications.
 - QIDO Client contains improved formatting of query strings.

Changes in 3.4.0 (2022-07-28):

 - PowerTools applications have improved startup behavior when run by a user other than the user who installed them.
 - Dicom File Editor now is more lenient when reading DICOMDIRs that contain various errors.
 - Study Generator now uses specific SOP Class UIDs for MG-Presentation and MG-Processing modalities.
 - Structured Reports Extractor now better handles parsing of structured reports containing bad or missing data.

Changes in 3.3.0 (2022-03-30):

 - Structured Report Extractor now uses an improved duplicate numbering algorithm when keeping duplicate items that are read from structured reports.
 - The Structured Report Extractor now includes mapping file duplicate-entry checking and improved file and directory selection support.
 - The RisSimulator has numerous functionality and testing performance support improvements including a new, default order creation delay of 0ms and the ability to disable console output.
 - Support for managing an optional extended data dictionary is now available from the main Launcher application in addition to other, selected applications.
 - Extensive improvements are now in Conductor, including: HTML Reports have enhanced layout and are auto-saved for later viewing, menu options enable easy viewing of saved Stats Logs and HTML Reports, Study Generator config options include number of frames, background image, and STOW client support, and the Conductor agent has more robust application start and stop support.
 - HL7 Sender now generates detailed logging of HL7 message flow, framing and segment separator characters, and HL7 message data in hex format by setting Log Level to Verbose.
 - Many GUI applications now have a variety of minor layout, cosmetic, and functionality improvements.
 - DICOM framework default settings for any DICOM-enabled PowerTools application can now be overridden using an application-specific, settings override file based on the included example_overrides.dcfcfg.
 - The ModalitySimulator has numerous functionality and testing support improvements.
 - Study Generator now has an option that selects the display units for Frame Size, Image Size, and Total Data as metric (e.g., MB or Megabytes) or binary (e.g., MiB or Mebibytes).
 - PowerTools now supports TLS 1.3 when running on Windows Server 2022.
 - Most console applications now have more uniform command line arguments and support setting four logging levels: limited, summary, detailed, and verbose. DICOMweb applications continue to use a simplified logging mechanism where verbose output optionally can be enabled.
 - When displaying private tags, DicomFileEditor accepts all VM values and provides a clarifying tooltip.
 - In StudyGenerator, the Store Server Profiles now automatically set the port to a default when the selected transfer mode is changed: DIMSE (11112) and STOW (10400).
 - DicomFileEditor now tries to display as many good elements as it can in a DICOM data set that has invalid elements.
 - DICOMweb applications have improved compatibility with the LaurelBridge Compass application and have numerous feature additions and improvements.
 - The StowClient console applications now support sending up to 100 images in Part10, JSON, and XML modes.
 - DICOMweb server console applications QidoServer, StowServer and WadoServer now support HTTPS by accepting a TLS certificate file and password.

Changes in 3.2.0 (2021-04-06):

 - Study Generator now supports storing generated studies via DICOMweb Part 10, JSON, and XML STOW requests.
 - Query Client now supports combined date-time extended negotiation range matching queries.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports viewing of header and hex data in DICOM images with MPEG transfer syntaxes and exporting of MPEG pixel data for some.
 - Dicom File Editor now includes support for some 2GB+ images.
 - STOW Server now optionally stores received Part 10 files to a directory of subdirectories that are uniquely names for each request.
 - Dictionary Finder has improved string matching support.
 - New WADO Client and WADO Server console applications are included.

Changes in 3.1.0 (2021-01-21):

 - Two of the new utilities, QidoServer and StowServer, are .NET Core applications; therefore a .NET Core runtime is required as a prerequisite. See the user manual for more details.
 - PowerTools now includes four DICOMweb console applications: QidoClient, QidoServer, StowClient, and StowServer.
 - Study Generator now supports generation of multi-frame images.

Changes in 3.0.3 (2020-11-18):

 - Store Server GUI and console versions now support Storage Commitment in synchronous and asynchronous modes, with requests always sent on a new association.
 - PowerTools applications now perform log file pruning at startup to limit age, size, and quantity of saved log files.
 - DicomFileEditor has improved encapsulated PDF viewing and extraction functionality.
 - QueryClient now provides more specific user feedback when issues are encountered in the query tag list.
 - DicomToPdf console utility has improved encapsulated PDF display and extraction.
 - Structured Report Extractor has improved matching behavior for missing search terms.
 - DicomFileEditor has improved display of undefined length pixel data elements, and better handling of a variety of special cases.
 - DicomFileEditor has improved display of DICOMDIR datasets.
 - DicomFileEditor has improved display of OW elements and improved error and search result highlighting.
 - Upgraded to LaurelBridge.TLS v1.1.2.
 - Updated to AppFramework 2.0.29 and AppFramework.WinForms 1.0.8

Changes in 3.0.2 (2020-02-14):

 - Added optional support for saving duplicate SR terms (with an incrementing index).
 - Added a strict word-order matching mode to the SR workflow (using "{" and "}" as quote characters).
 - Improved parsing of structured reports containing zero-length sequences.

Changes in 3.0.1 (2019-12-18):

 - Logging improvements.

Changes in 3.0.0 (2019-11-25):

 - .NET Framework 4.8 is now a required prerequisite.
 - Added support for TLS 1.3.

Changes in 2.0.4 (2019-09-04):

 - The Indexer now has a command line option to pull from a nested sequence.
 - Query Server now has support for multi-valued instance UIDs in C-Move, improved accuracy for calculated tags in C-Find queries, and more precise feedback for failed queries.
 - Dicom File Editor now has efficient loading, saving, and memory use for very large DICOM objects.
 - Dicom File Editor has performance enhancements for viewing images with large numbers of slices and structured reports with large numbers of sequences.
 - HL7 Sender now has a diagnostic mode that enables the user to turn off sending of HL7 message framing characters.
 - The element editor in the Dicom File Editor now presents a Generate UID button for certain elements.
 - Structured Report Extractor now optionally highlights negation terms in mapping file search term fields.
 - Structured Report Extractor now optionally flags custom mapping fields longer than a configurable maximum length.

Changes in 2.0.3 (2019-06-04):

 - Structure Report Extractor now supports zoom in and zoom out of data grids and can optionally present the search terms that matched mapping file fields in the resulting auto text dictionary output.
 - Conductor now has ability to control Waypoint.
 - Numerous usability and output graphing enhancements are now in Conductor.
 - The user is now presented with feedback when images cannot be deleted from the Store Server association list.
 - Improved behavior of Verification Server in unexpected connection loss.
 - Numerous GUI look and feel improvements have been incorporated.
 - Experimental console-based RisSimulator and ModalitySimulator tools are included in PowerTools installation.
 - Verification Client now reports elapsed time upon completion.
 - SR Report Extractor support the '-' syntax to disallow search terms when matching.

Changes in 2.0.2 (2019-01-31):

 - TLS support is now present in MWL Client & Server, Query Client & Server, Verification Client & Server, and Store Client & Server.
 - The Dicom File Editor now supports mouse drag window width and window level adjustment on the image view panel.
 - The user manual contains installation tips and troubleshooting and more extensive descriptions of newer features.
 - The Study Generator now allows selection of a DICOM file as a generation template.
 - User interfaces have a redesigned look & feel to integrate TLS support into client and server applications.

Changes in 2.0.1 (2018-12-14):

 - The Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package is now included in the PowerTools installer.
 - Dicom File Editor has improved drag and drop handling for DICOMDIRs and directories.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports sorting instances in the tree view panel by instance number.
 - Error and warning fields in the header view of the Dicom File Editor now have improved contrast.
 - Dicom File Editor now correctly preserves carriage returns when editing text elements.
 - Additional 64-bit DCF 3.4 support has been added across all PowerTools applications.
 - Store Client now reports finer granularity of progress using both images sent and PDU bytes sent.
 - Management of FIPS enforcement policies is now controllable for all applications, for individual applications, or using wildcards to specify applications using the fips.bat script.
 - Query Client now has a new item in the Options menu to conveniently add all supported calculated attribute tags to a query for testing and demo purposes.
 - Verification Client and Verification Server now support TLS secure connections.
 - Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64) is now required in order to run PowerTools applications.
 - Improved TLS support added to HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver.

Changes in 2.0.0 (2018-10-09):

 - Extended data dictionary now expects DCF 3.4 format. Legacy format is still supported.
 - Study Generator can now generate images up to 500 MB in size.
 - All PowerTools applications are now 64 bit, and are based on the DCF 3.4 DICOM toolkit.
 - PowerTools now relies on the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 which should be installed separately before running any PowerTools applications.
 - Store Server now displays an End Time and Duration column for each association and a calculated secs/image tooltip when the mouse is hovered over an End Time or Duration value.
 - Study Generator applies a more randomly distribution of image generation and storing delays when multiple associations are sent simultaneously using the random delay option.
 - Store Server has improved image storage and image directory clearing behavior.

Changes in 1.0.47 (2018-08-31):

Changes in 1.0.46 (2018-07-24):

 - The User Manual now contains additional setup and configuration information for Conductor and FIPS policy override.
 - Dictionary Finder now has improved start up and memory use performance.
 - Dictionary Finder now has improved display performance by using table data pre-fetching.
 - Conductor now supports Compass Cache information queries and has improved startup feedback and disk use reporting.
 - Support is now provided to address FIPS Security disabling. See the User manual for details.
 - Study Generator console application has an updated example configuration file.
 - Updated external DICOM data dictionary functionality and moved file location to improve usability and upgradability. External data dictionary is managed via Dicom File Editor and Dictionary Finder.

Changes in 1.0.45 (2018-05-02):

 - Query Client now optionally clears the application log prior to each query.
 - Query Client now has a context menu option for copying selected result fields and numerous user interface updates.
 - Conductor has numerous improvements to the user interface, scenario report graphing, system status checking, Compass state reset, and to process starting and process stopping logic.
 - Study Generator now automatically selects a background image relevant to the selected modality.
 - The Launcher application now has a maroon icon to make it distinctly recognizable.
 - Query Server now supports calculated attribute tags from Table C.3-1. Additional Query/Retrieve Attributes: Number of Patient Related Studies, Number of Patient Related Series, Number of Patient Related Instances, Number of Study Related Series, Number of Series Related Instances, Number of Study Related Instances, Modalities in Study and SOP Classes in Study.
 - QueryServer now has improved console logging.
 - Query Client now allows Hierarchical move queries and defaults the Move AE Title to "MOVESCU".

Changes in 1.0.44 (2018-02-20):

 - Conductor has many feature and usability improvements, more statistics graphing, better startup and shutdown efficiency, and web-based diagnostics of itself and agents.
 - The user manual now has a section describing Conductor setup and use.
 - HL7 Sender has improved user help info for macro replacement.
 - Dicom File Editor now provides consistent ability to view or open enclosing folder for various Save As menu choices.

Changes in 1.0.43 (2018-01-11):

 - User manual has numerous revisions to reflect recent updates.
 - Conductor has numerous added usability and performance features, improved runtime profiling graphics, and detailed summary statistics.
 - Internal code improvements to support long-term maintenance.
 - Query Server has improved user feedback at startup.
 - PDF to Dicom utility has improved user feedback.

Changes in 1.0.42 (2017-11-14):

 - ProgramData license file location updated for all applications.
 - Character layout in hex view panel of Dicom File Editor has improved uniformity.

Changes in 1.0.41 (2017-11-08):

 - Application branding completed using updated logo icon.
 - Study Generator now appropriately applies optional store delay to study, series or image.

Changes in 1.0.40 (2017-11-02):

 - The Structured Report Extractor has improved parsing of values.
 - Application icons and graphics have been updated to the latest Laurel Bridge Software color scheme.
 - A feature-keyed, preview version of the Conductor application controller, enterprise medical imaging system profiler, and Compass load-testing utility is included.
 - PowerTools applications that use a folder browser now persist the most recently accessed folder.
 - PowerTools applications display more detailed information in About dialog when license has expired.
 - Updated directory in all applications for user-specific program data and configuration files.
 - Improved management of runtime application data directories.
 - The GUI version of QueryClient has improved handling of cancellation of long-running queries.
 - Save As Image support in Dicom File Editor for PNM formats is improved with better grayscale calculations and halftoning for PBM images.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports saving multi-frame images to animated GIFs in Looping, Sweeping or Stop Preferred Playback Sequencing at specified Recommended Display Frame Rate.
 - Improved Dicom File Editor handling of PixelData elements contained inside sequence elements.
 - Updated Study Generator to use current time along with date specified in GUI when generating studies.
 - Improved logging performance in HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver.

Changes in 1.0.39 (2017-08-31):

 - Query Client has improved sorting and selection behavior. Clicking on a column header sorts the column. Shift-clicking on a column header selects the column. Rows can be selected as before. Click and drag to select a region of cells. Use Ctrl-click to select arbitrary cells. Copying of selected values is done using ctrl-C.
 - Study Generator now supports configurable store delays at the study, series and image level.
 - Query Server now returns Retrieve AE Title and optionally Instance Availability in query results, and provides optional command line override of Retrieve AE Title.
 - HL7 Sender now has a unified Send/Cancel button.
 - Study Generator now presents a tool tip for the selected Modality that shows the display name, element name and SOP Class UID.
 - The association list in Store Server can now be cleared when received images are not being written to an output directory.

Changes in 1.0.38 (2017-05-11):

 - The Study Generator now has configurable DIMSE send and receive timeouts that can be set via the Options dialog.
 - All PowerTools applications now have increased default maximum send and receive PDU sizes of 1MB.
 - Study Generator now supports generated up to 10,000,000 studies, with an upper bound of 2,147,483,647 total images (studies x series x images) in a single run.
 - The Store Server updates expanded rows more efficiently and prevents row deletion while server is running.
 - Added improved handling in Dicom File Editor for a variety of Private Data elements in the element editor.
 - Improved image generation to guarantee uniqueness of image data in Study Generator when running in Fast Mode.
 - The user manual has additional explanation of the Anonymization support.
 - Dicom File Editor has improved handling for adding new element tags to the header view.
 - Dicom File Editor now allows the user to save the current study hierarchy shown in the left navigation panel as a PDF.
 - Structured Report Extractor has ability to save current mapping file as PDF from the File menu in addition to existing ability via the context menu.
 - Dicom File Editor now can save an image from the currently viewed DICOM file as a PDF in addition to the other formats already supported.

Changes in 1.0.37 (2016-10-21):

 - HL7 Sender now has additional example message templates.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports copying the values of one or more selected tags to the system clipboard.
 - Structured Report Extractor and Dicom File Editor can now save the currently selected structured report files or open DICOM image file as a PDF document.
 - Updated information about all third party licenses is now contained in a single license information file.
 - Structured Report Extractor now has context-aware find and clear find highlighting support.
 - Store Server now enables the user to manage the list of supported SOP classes via the options dialog.
 - Store Client now provides summary information about store results and fully supports immediate cancel upon any image read or store error.
 - Study Generator now has a "Fast Mode" option that reduces image generation overhead by reusing generic pixel data rather than regenerating custom pixel data for each image.
 - HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver now have improved efficiency for message template processing and message window updating.
 - Updated directory location of license and configuration data files for all PowerTools applications.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports loading and displaying of DICOMDIR files and provides color indicators in the hierarchical list of some helpful file information such as DICOMDIRs and missing IDs.
 - Navigation list in left panel of Dicom File Editor now has configurable list item expansion behavior.
 - Numerous GUI labels and tooltips are improved.
 - The Console now provides a cleaner listing of directories and files.
 - The PowerTools Launcher now displays its version number on the main screen.

Changes in 1.0.36 (2016-06-30):

 - Structured Report Extractor now optionally preserves existing custom mapping entries when extracting from additional structured reports.
 - All PowerTools applications have reworded and improved usage messages.
 - Improved handling of files and directories in Store Client console application.
 - Structured Report Editor now supports Ctrl-F find in the mapping file, extraction summary and auto text dictionary tabs. The extraction summary and auto text dictionary content can be zoomed using the + and - keys, while the Enter key returns zoom to normal.
 - Structured Report Extractor now allows drag and drop of a structured report input file or folder and permits editing of the input file or folder path.
 - The Launcher application now uses the standard yellow Laurel Bridge icon. Clicking on the PowerTools title logo on the Launcher now displays the Laurel Bridge default startup screen in the app window.
 - Console version of Dictionary Finder now has more flexible filtering capabilities.
 - Improved handling of files and directories in Dicom Filter console application.
 - The console version of the Dictionary Finder now supports searching in VR names and descriptions.
 - Console version of Dicom File Editor now supports output of hex contents of a DICOM file as raw hex values optionally with byte addresses, string view and column headings.
 - Dicom File Editor has improved up and down key scrolling through items in hierarchy list.
 - Dicom Filter has improved resizability of image list.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports searching for hex values in the Hex view tab and provides context-aware search in both the Header and Hex view tabs.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports saving and viewing of Encapsulated PDF elements when present in Data Set.

Changes in 1.0.35 (2016-05-23):

 - Verification Client has improved command line scripting capabilities.
 - HL7 Receiver and HL7 Sender each have a redesigned user interface with selectable message logging levels.
 - Store Server now has a configurable limit on the number of associations kept in the receive list, can optionally keep the most recently received association visible and maintains the list in ascending or descending receive order.
 - Study Generator now has optional "retry on error" mode with a configurable maximum number of retries and delay between retries.
 - Store Server can now present received associations in ascending or descending order, and persists sort order on application restart.
 - Study Generator now supports image sizes up to 300MB.
 - MWL Server now has option to always consider all worklist items as having a scheduled procedure step start date of "today."
 - Structured Report Extractor now supports HAS_OBS_TEXT modifier when scanning DICOM structured reports.
 - Verification Client can now send a configurable number of c-echos with a configurable delay and start up a configurable number of send threads.
 - Study Generator now supports autorun on application start up.
 - Store Server now supports autorun on application start up.
 - Transfer syntax is now individually selectable for each Store Server Profile in the Study Generator.
 - Study Generator has improved handling of bad values in overridden tags.

Changes in 1.0.34 (2015-11-24):

 - All applications now provide in-app Support Request and Feedback submission.
 - Structured Report Extractor now supports explicit rounding precision for floating point fields.
 - Structure Report Extractor now has option to un-sort data in mapping file table to view in original order.
 - HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver have improved send and receive error messages displayed in GUI.
 - Extended data dictionary support and usability has been extended and improved.
 - Structured Report Extractor is now included in start menu.
 - Structured Report Extractor now has configurable option to control automatic backup of mapping file when changed.
 - Dicom Filter has numerous performance and usability improvements.
 - Structured Report Extractor now has an options dialog.
 - Dicom Filter now displays count of images in image list.
 - Dicom Filter can now optionally add either all files or only DICOM files to its list of image files to filter.
 - Dicom Filter now supports double-clicking items in the list to view in Dicom File Editor.

Changes in 1.0.33 (2015-07-23):

 - New Structured Report Extractor application added to PowerTools for general-purpose viewing of elements in and specifically for the extraction of PowerScribe mapping files from DICOM Structured Reports, simplifying the creation and revision of mapping files.
 - Store Server now supports adding a custom transfer syntax to the list of transfer syntaxes.
 - Updated EULA to version 1.33.
 - DictionaryFinder now supports matching filter string in "Starts With", "Ends Width" and "Wildcards" modes.
 - HL7Receiver now has improved handling of ACK codes.
 - PowerTools has improved support for loading and managing external data dictionaries via DicomFileEditor and DictionaryFinder. Blank, DICONDE and user-selectable data dictionaries are supported.
 - Dicom File Editor now has menu choice to open a folder or folder hierarchy of DICOM images.
 - Incorporated full-featured folder browser into applications.
 - Improved precision of length values displayed for large pixel data elements in Dicom File Editor.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports exporting image as PBM, PGM, PPM and Animated GIF formats in addition to standard image formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF).
 - The Query Client now provides more precise feedback for unsuccessful queries.
 - Logging support in HL7 Receiver and HL7 Sender has been generalized.

Changes in 1.0.32 (2015-04-10):

 - User manual now contains more extensive descriptions of the HL7 Receiver and HL7 Sender applications.
 - Dicom File Editor now displays larger UT values in a more concise way.
 - Minor cosmetic improvements to the look and feel of some applications were made.
 - 32-bit PowerTools applications now have the Large Address Aware flag set allowing them to use more RAM.

Changes in 1.0.31 (2015-03-03):

 - MWL Server now has example datasets to demonstrate MWL query functionality.
 - Find feature in Dicom File Editor is improved.
 - Update of installation package so a new release version of PowerTools fully installs over a previous version without requiring being uninstalled first.
 - Dicom File Editor has improved user feedback and wording of error messages.
 - Updated to latest release of DCF toolkit.
 - Stability improvements added to manage temp files when viewing very large images.
 - HL7 messaging is now supported with two new applications: HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver.
 - Client and server GUI applications now have title bars renameable via a command-line switch to support scripting start-up of multiple instances with unique names. An example script is provided.
 - Dicom File Editor element selection in header tab now supports re-selection of nested sequence elements when switching between displayed images.
 - Query Client query results list has improved display layout.
 - Study Generator now includes MG for Processing and MG for  Presentation modality choices.
 - Study Generator can now store multiple studies simultaneously by opening concurrent connections to a server.

Changes in 1.0.30 (2015-01-16):

 - Numerous usability improvements were made to GUI dialogs and menus.
 - Store Server now displays a "missing image" icon for datasets that do not contain pixel element data.
 - Numerous performance and stability improvements were made.
 - The Dicom File Editor now validates values in the VM column.
 - Dictionary Finder now includes a tab with VR and VM lookup capability.
 - The Attribute Tags tab in the Dictionary Finder now has a VM column.
 - Tooltips for elements are improved in Dicom File Editor.
 - Dicom File Editor optionally displays the names for well-known UIDs in place of the UID values.
 - Dicom File Editor now searches the open dataset for exact and partial matches from the Find dialog.
 - All GUI-based client and server applications (Query Client, Store Client, Store Server, Study Generator, Verification Client, and Verification Server) now have configurable title bar text.

Changes in 1.0.29 (2014-11-06):

 - Dicom File Editor now reports actual element lengths in GUI, and has new tooltips to report stored length of elements that includes number of bytes in element headers.
 - Dicom File Editor now displays tooltips with clarification of pixel data VR for OW data that is stored as OB.
 - Dicom File Editor now displays human-readable tooltip descriptions of VR values.
 - Dictionary Filter now refilters using current filter string when switching between dictionaries.
 - Incorporated a number of user-experience and stability improvements to GUI interfaces of various applications.
 - The Store Server now reports number of frames for received multiframe images and supports click-to-view of all received images.
 - The console and GUI versions of the Store Client now include a configurable delay between sends done on separate associations.
 - Query Client user interface was redesigned to improve user experience.
 - Query Client now includes a number of pre-defined default sets of query tags for quick configuration of typical find, move and MWL queries.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports copying both binary data and a hex value string from the hex view panel to the system clipboard.
 - Study Generator now supports storing images on an association per study, series or image.
 - Store Server now asks user if all image files and log files should be deleted on exit.
 - Store Server now has support and progress feedback for deleting all image files and log files corresponding to each of the entries in the list of received store job associations.
 - Updated calculation of time remaining in Study Generator to provide a more accurate estimate.
 - Improved image path argument handling in Query and MWL server console applications.

Changes in 1.0.28 (2014-09-09):

 - Path of currently open file in Dicom File Editor can be copied to Clipboard using a menu choice in the Tools menu or the context menu of any of the tab headers, or with the Ctrl-C shortcut.
 - Improved accuracy of data element lengths displayed in header data tab in Dicom File Editor when precise element lengths are not reported in file.
 - Improved selection logic in hex view tab of Dicom File Editor to be more fault tolerant.
 - User interface stability enhancements to Dicom File Editor when playing multi-frame images in image data tab.
 - Query Client now supports Modality WorkList (MWL) queries in addition to Find and Move queries.

Changes in 1.0.27 (2014-06-18):

 - Stability enhancements when running multiple applications simultaneously.

Changes in 1.0.26 (2014-06-12):

 - Windows-style forward slash arguments are now handled by all GUI and console applications.
 - Help messages and application listing in console view now provide more detail.
 - MWL Client, Query Client and Study Generator have new or improved example config files containing detailed comments.
 - Study Generator now has a variety of sample background images for use when generating images.
 - Indexer now provides more meaningful error messages and allows both folders and files to be specified as input paths.
 - Improved precision of header and hex view panels, enabling highlighting of an element on one panel when it is clicked on in the other panel.
 - Export currently viewed image, or current frame of a multi-frame image, to a variety of standard image file formats, including jpeg and png.
 - Study Generator can use a user-selected background image with watermark for generated images. DICOM tag overlay can be turned on or off.

Changes in 1.0.25 (2014-05-02):

 - Improved user experience in a variety of GUI applications.
 - Additional default modalities added to Study Generator.
 - Study Generator can now generate 8 and 16 bits allocated images with up to that many bits stored.

Changes in 1.0.24 (2014-02-14):

 - Study Generator now supports an arbitrary number of user defined tag values. Tags related to the image data can be overridden as well (eg, Bits Allocated, Bits Stored, Rows, Columns, etc.); however, the actual image data is still 8 bits per pixel.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports configurable logging levels.
 - The maximum number of returned results in the MWLClient command line utility is now configurable, with the default increasing from 100 to 1000.
 - Study Generator now supports "server profiles", where the host, port, and AE titles can be preserved for multiple servers and assigned user defined names.
 - Study Generator can now optionally insert a configurable delay between each image send attempt.
 - Study Generator now supports a configurable number of studies to send, as well as the number of series in each study and images in each series.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports searching: pressing Ctrl-F opens a "Find" dialog for searching through the contents of the dataset.
 - Dicom File Editor now maintains a list of recently opened files for quicker retrieval.
 - DICONDE data dictionary support has been added to the Dicom File Editor.

Changes in 1.0.23 (2013-10-25):

 - Speed improvements in the Dicom File Editor when loading a large number of files.
 - Memory improvements in the Dicom File Editor when dealing with large files.

Changes in 1.0.22 (2013-10-14):

 - The Start and Stop buttons on the Store Server and Verification Server have been changed to a single Play/Pause toggle button with a corresponding label that indicates a "Running" or "Stopped" status.
 - Support for more thumbnail image types in the StoreServer.
 - QueryClient's minimum query timeout value is now 1 second instead of 0.
 - Improved logging in the QueryClient.
 - Increased the maximum timeout value in the QueryClient.
 - DicomFileEditor now optionally capable of opening a wider range of data sets containing invalid elements.
 - DicomFileEditor (GUI version) now displays the calculated length of sequences; the actual value from the file is available via a tooltip.
 - Combined all applications that had a GUI and console version into a single version that can be run in either mode.

Changes in 1.0.21 (2013-01-16):

 - Stability improvements when attempting to add a pre-existing tag in DicomFileEditorGUI
 - Image display improvements in DicomFileEditorGUI

Changes in 1.0.20 (2013-01-11):

 - DicomFileEditorGUI stability improvements
 - QueryClientGUI's query tag list is now sortable
 - Improvements to hex viewer line numbering in DicomFileEditorGUI
 - StudyGeneratorGUI: fixed an issue introduced in version 1.0.19 where the association was not being released if an image was rejected by the Store SCP
 - DicomFileEditorGUI will preserve out-of-order elements
 - QueryClientGUI stability improvements when handling very large numbers of results
 - The query results area in the QueryClientGUI has been converted to a table, with one result per row
 - Added a "Save As Text" feature to the DicomFileEditorGUI

Changes in 1.0.19 (2012-12-10):

 - Updated to DCF 3.3.40c.
 - Study Generator now sends images as it's generating them instead of generating all images prior to sending.
 - Changed the Query Client UI's font to better differentiate some characters that look similar.
 - Fixed the instance numbering in the generated pixel data in Study Generator.
 - Performance improvements related to removing studies from the Store Server UI's view.
 - Removed the ability to enter a specific client port number on the various applications.
 - Refined the Dicom File Editor's UI and added a hex viewer.

Changes in 1.0.18 (2012-09-24):

 - Dicom File Editor GUI: Stability improvements related to malformed or missing pixel data
 - Study Generator Console: A flag is now provided for sending each image on a separate association
 - Study Generator GUI: Information specified in the UI is now embedded into the generated images
 - Dicom File Editor GUI: Stability improvements related to malformed header data
 - Anonymization support is available via the DeIndentify and ReIdentify filter actions
 - Updated DICOM library to DCF 3.3.38c

Changes in 1.0.17 (2012-03-29):

 - PowerTools prerequisites are no longer packaged directly into the PowerTools zip file in order to reduce the file size footprint. Instead, the installer will download them (if necessary) directly from Microsoft.
 - Added a date picker to the StudyGeneratorGUI application for selecting the study date. A "Today" checkbox was also added next to the date picker for convenience.

Changes in 1.0.16 (2012-03-09):

 - Improvements when handling/displaying datasets containing encapsulated icon image sequences and MONOCHROME1 pixel data.

Changes in 1.0.15 (2012-02-29):

 - Status enhancements to the Store Server GUI when receiving an A-ABORT PDU in between DIMSE messages.
 - Various DICOM improvements related to the display of MONOCHROME1 images and images containing encapsulated icon image sequences.

Changes in 1.0.14 (2012-01-25):

 - Store Client GUI now displays the number of files in its list.
 - Study Generator GUI logging enhancements.

Changes in 1.0.13 (2012-01-09):

 - The patient/study/series/instance tree hierarchy in DicomFileEditorGUI displays via the instance-level tooltip whether or not the file is a valid Part 10 formatted file.
 - A much improved image viewer has been added to the DICOM File Editor GUI and is displayed immediately next to the header data. The pixel data (if present) can be windowed/leveled (if applicable) or played as a cine loop (for multi-frame images).
 - I/O improvements in the DICOM File Editor GUI.
 - The Study Generator GUI now allows the user to specify non-square image sizes.
 - The table containing the list of tags in the Query Client GUI now expands to show larger sets of tags.
 - Removed the 'Clear' and 'Default' buttons from the Study Generator GUI.
 - Reorganized a menu item in the Study Generator GUI to be more consistent with the menu item layout of the other applications.
 - The Dicom File Editor console application prints a more succinct description of the pixel data values.

Changes in 1.0.12 (2011-11-20):

 - Some DICOM implementations incorrectly write invalid elements before the Group 2 Length element that should immediately follow the Chapter 10 format, 512 byte preamble. PowerTools utilities can now handle these invalid file formats.
 - Numerous enhancements to the Indexer command-line utility; see its Usage statement for more info.

Changes in 1.0.11 (2011-08-19):

 - Dicom File Editor stability improvements.

Changes in 1.0.10 (2011-03-07):

 - Fixed an msi related issue when upgrading.

Changes in 1.0.9 (2011-03-03):

 - Added a new console utility called Indexer: the images in a given directory are iterated over, with specified tags being indexed into a csv file.
 - Dicom File Editor now allows viewing of multiple files at once, displaying a four-tiered hiearchy of the images in a navigation pane that allows easy inspection of the patient/study/series/image relationship.
 - Performance improvements for applications that iterate over directory hierarchies, such as QueryServer and MWLServer.

Changes in 1.0.8 (2010-11-17):

 - DicomFileEditorGUI.exe now displays a well-known UID's name in the tooltip.
 - DicomFileEditorGUI.exe now presents a confirmation dialog when saving a non-part10 file that contains group 2 data.
 - StudyGenerator.exe no longer prints a warning message if the port # is less than 256.
 - StoreServerGUI.exe now allows various settings to be specified via the command line.

Changes in 1.0.7 (2010-09-21):

 - Updated licensing to allow easier distribution with DCF SDK

Changes in 1.0.6 (2010-08-18):

 - Improvements to ExecuteAction stability.

Changes in 1.0.5 (2010-07-27):

 - Highlighting fixes for elements with invalid VRs in DicomFileEditor.

Changes in 1.0.4 (2010-07-09):

 - Fixed issue related to PDFtoDicomGUI.exe.

Changes in 1.0.3 (2010-06-24):

 - A new utility called PdfToDicom allows the creation of encapsulated PDF datasets.
 - Hierarchical mode is now available for both the GUI and command-line versions of the Query Client.
 - Study Generator: generated patient age always contains three digits along with the units character
 - Store Server: per-association log file is deleted when an association record is deleted
 - Store Server: images and their directory are deleted when an association record is deleted

Changes in 1.0.2 (2010-03-04):

 - Initial publicly available release.

Changes in 1.0.1 (2010-01-22):

 - Highlighting invalid DICOM tags in DicomFileEditor.
 - Added a Modality Worklist server console application.

Changes in 1.0.0 (2009-12-23):

 - Initial version.