Centralized Monitoring & Management Platform

Lighthouse centralizes the monitoring, management, and diagnosis of our enterprise imaging workflow components by aggregating information across your Laurel Bridge infrastructure. It is an integral component of our Enterprise Imaging Workflow Suite that can simplify the orchestration of your enterprise medical imaging workflows.


  • Saves time when having to manage patient information that is moving across multiple devices
  • Provides a unified view into multiple devices from a single dashboard
  • Enables tracking of the life cycle of an imaging study

Diagram of Lighthouse integration

Centralize Management of Your Imaging Workflow

Lighthouse enables the rapid identification and diagnosis of troublesome jobs across your installed base of Laurel Bridge workflow components. Add Lighthouse to your deployed Laurel Bridge Software suite for centralized access to imaging workflow data across your enterprise and faster diagnosis of imaging workflow issues.

Key Features

  • Manage and view multiple Laurel Bridge imaging workflow devices
  • Monitor and track activities, services, and active connections
  • Search for patients and related information across monitored devices
  • Role-based web access
  • Dashboard view provides diagnostic graphs and jobs history

Lighthouse support and integration is available or under development for:

The Lighthouse Centralized Monitoring and Management package includes a variety of monitoring, management, and diagnostic capabilities. From the web-based console, Lighthouse capabilities include control, configuration, search, and troubleshooting of applications in our Imaging Workflow Suite.

Screen capture of Lighthouse search screen showing Compass DICOM Jobs search results

Monitoring and Management Capabilities

  • Manage and view multiple Laurel Bridge components via an easy to use web interface
  • Monitor and track activities and services, including active connections, I/O stats, job reports and alerts across many Laurel Bridge instances
  • Search for patients and related information across all monitored devices
  • View aggregated job and patient information across monitored devices based on various query criteria
  • Start or stop both DICOM and HL7 input and output via a single dashboard for all your connected Laurel Bridge applications
  • Easily jump to a specific Laurel Bridge node to further diagnose issues
  • Allows for role-based web access
  • Provides HIPAA compliant, secure, encrypted communication, and audit logging

Diagnostic Capabilities

From a single console Lighthouse enables you to:

  • Easily recognize and access failed jobs across your install base
  • Reprioritize, delay, or redirect jobs with ease
  • Analyze DICOM header information
  • View pixel data with a non-diagnostic viewer
  • Gain insight into each device’s DICOM association history and HL7 connection history
  • Examine HL7 message contents

Lighthouse runs on dedicated hardware or a virtual machine.

The latest release is Version 3.0.0.

Recommended Minimum Requirements

Windows OS (standard/server) 10; 2012
MS-SQL server version + Management Studio Express
Memory (RAM) 16 GB
Processor i7
Hard Drive 250 GB*
# of network (NIC) cards (Gigabit) 1

*SSD for data drive will provide better performance.

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Lighthouse Clients

What Clients are Saying

"Freeport Health Network recently received the Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award from the ASA. This was in part because our Compass router automatically ensures CT studies are delivered to the local radiologist and the remote teleneurologist necessary to support the time critical stroke intervention process."
Eric DittmarEnterprise Imaging Specialist, Freeport Health Network
"Our very busy breast imaging program requires interpretation of images from multiple systems quickly and reliably, but we struggled with disparate medical record numbers and wasted radiologist time fetching previous studies at the time of interpretation. Compass and Navigator solved this problem for us."
Helen S. Sandven, MDMedical Dir. of Breast Imaging, Asheville Radiology Associates
"The Compass workflow solution has revolutionized our Cerner downtime process by reducing the likelihood of human error and saving radiologist time. It has eliminated the need to manually place an order, choose the correct report template and add identifying demographics."
David E. Moore, MDRadiologist, Asheville Radiology
"I always felt that Compass was the strongest point in our CPACS infrastructure and once configured is something I could pretty much just count on working. A great product!"
Gary FelixCardio PACS Admin, Children's Hospital & Med Center, Omaha